Hey Guys, Girls. 


Would like to thank you first and foremost for taking the time to submit your interest in this project. 

Below I will address my own personal bio, some equipment, and latest details / dates of the shoot. I will also be requesting a simple call to action (open comments) for anyone that would be interested in meeting up tomorrow evening 7-8pm at Recess (highlands pub) I will try to be concise as possible but want to give everyone enough information to discern if this project is a good fit. feel free to skip to the end to get summary of roles and necessary details. Please forgive the limited info on the site as it is pending update and lack of proofread on the details below. 



My name Is Mitch Chavoustie. I am from upstate NY, I have owned operated 2 seasonal business since 2006. (retail + service) despite their success I have decided to walk and turn to doing something I am more passionate about that being creative film. I have lived in Denver in the off season for a few years, also spend some time in LA where I took some courses in filmmaking at nyfa I’m not huge on talking about myself so there's a rough outline in summary I’m just a creative artist at heart with a long practice of business. This is the DNA that has created Exit World and a general a good combination to cure the starving artist syndrome. 


Experience • Theory • Style

 for the past 2 years I have been rigorously immersing myself daily to learn everything I need to know about filming from a-z. spongeing from endless podcast, books, youtube reviews, festivals, and from other filmmakers. I have worked on small sets, primary the back lots of Warner bros. and worked as DP for small commercial and creative projects prior to turning into a business. Despite My new beginning in this industry I am a very fast learner and endless seeking new ways to improve and develop new skills. My goal is to be as well rounded as possible in all of these departments to maximize workflow in all processes. My time spent editing has influenced greatly in how I shoot, I am able to capture shots much more efficiently. On set I am well orchestrated, decisive yet spontaneous and also welcome the inevitable challenges circumstances and mishaps. In general I am more drawn toward organic, gorilla style shots. If I’m interviewing a client the last thing I’m going to do is basic 3 point lighting behind a blank white canvas in a stark empty room. This always produces the same effect. Intimidation on the interviewee and overall an unconvincing unnatural talking head video. This translates to my overall style of storytelling in that I will always seek out new creative and original ways to tell and show what needs to be told. Exit World is all about disrupting the mundane and recreating commercial video from car dealerships, real estate, to your local coffee bar. more on this another time.



Love editing. FCPX is my catalyst into filmmaking. I also use avid and currently working more with adobe premier CC with AE as I believe that may be the best NLE system to use. I have 16b's of tb storage. and use the rammed up 5k iMac for now.


My investment in gear is well researched and for the most part very new to the evolving market in tech. Not to have the coolest new toy, but for purposes of efficiency and ease of use with the highest quality in mind. As in Business I like to stay a few steps ahead of the the current market. 

General Gear:

  • GH4 X2 
  • Sony A7s
  • Phantom 3 pro
  • Ronin-M gimbal
  • Atomos Ninja Assassin recorder 
  • cam 2 7” HD monitor
  • Shoulder rig with FF 
  • Tascam DR-40 Tascam DR-05
  • Movo VRX100L 
  • monopod 3 tripods 
  • body rig support system
  • pelican + seahorse cases ect. 
  • speed boosters for each camera 
  • wireless remote follow focus system


depending on the project each camera is set up with a variety of picture profiles and setings. Generally use s-log2 cineD &V for GH4 and 422 output from the assassin. I like the a7s for low light and stills, the GH4 really has it all in terms of internal 4k recording and hfr recording in daylight settings. 



Finally to the point. Okay I’ve known Kelly and Loki for a few years so he called me up and asked if I wanted to shoot something for his next youtube / vimeo promo. The last one was done by a novice with a go pro and received around 2 million hits, so to keep his traction strong he would like us to produce a more pro grade video. To date we have shot in steamboat behind sleds at buff pass and rabbit ears, after that we did a third day at loveland pass. each day had completely different challenges that produced 3 completely different looks. blizzard snow, high noon sun, to the golden hour cine sunset. 

trimming the heard

If you don't have experience working in in-climate weather, snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling this might not be a good fit. My ability to ski switch and operate the rig is probably the only reason I was contacted to do this shoot. My challenge in the past three shoots was that I had no experienced cam-2 operator. Having someone to capture establishing shots, stills, and other forms of b-roll was all on me. and with limited daylight, time, and set up time I was playing one man band with one grip that didn't know the lens from the camera. Secondly If you have experience flying a drone that is a huge plus as well.


Your roll

 I need one possibly two people for this job. As stated above b-roll. this involves all establishing shots, pre-post roll with sound. so I need someone that can set up clean sound recording as well. although this promo will be MOS I always shoot with the future in mind. having some audio we can create a series of videos or future doc style long take of this event. I will give general direction, and help with setup but in the end I would rather have someone able to think on their own and incorporate their vision and skills with the piece. 



steamboat & berthed pass are our next two locations to attend. Steamboat is perfect for a few reasons, less tourism / traffic. Remote location on the weekend helps with the overall setting. Loki and Kelly like to getaway here and we have a house we can stay at on the mountain. free of charge. Berthed will only happen if we can't schedule steamboat, that would be a day trip during the week.


time date

 this has been a challenge and may come too soon for may including myself but I will know by tomorrow 2/24 if we are able to shoot this coming Sunday 2/28. Loki’s status has granted services free of charge including the use of a powder cat to shoot at buffalo pass. If this fails we do have sleds available to use however are working on employing some operators for the project. If this is a go we will leave Saturday night in two cars, welcome to join either vehicle. return set for Monday morning. 


What I need from you

I’m not making money from this, in fact I’m already a few k deep in this project using as a loss leader to promote other work in the future. However this has nothing to do with you. I am very conscious and appreciative of peoples time. Some people including business have been more than happy to volunteer for this project however if you have something pro grade to bring to the table, I have no problem paying for your time. Due to pending insurance changes I will not be hiring you as a staff member rather independent contractor. For this, insured or uninsured I will need you to sign a wavier of understanding and agreement of these terms prior to committing to your position. As stated above if you will need some basic snow gear. I will not require any of the follow shots however it will help getting around in the snow.


Again I apologize to the late response to any of you whom have contacted weeks prior. feel free to e-mail me any other questions you may have, dm me if you would like to establish a rate or other set qualifications. If this is out of your time frame or scope I would still be interested in helping on your next project. or meeting up for future projects. After this I will be headed to SXSW and looking for business partners and other creative to colab with. If your looking for pt of ft job this might be a good opportunity as well I have many connection in the music industry and already in arrangement with bands from Underoath to etid to shoot a live set at sbsw. 

Thank again for your time, 

If you would like to meet up at recess TONIGHT 2/23 please comment below. the next time I can potentially meet is Friday. I will comment with other locations and times, likewise if you have another pace you would like to meet up please feel free to recommend.

Recess Beer Garden

2715 17th St, Ste 103,

Denver, CO 80211


7pm- 8~

Between Erie St and Tejon St